User Agreement


Place of signing: Republic of Armenia, Yerevan

A third party who accepted the offer in the Internet Address at, and “Adversity” Limited Liability Company, represented by its director Vahan Vermishyan, acting in accordance with the charter of the Company, on the other hand, further joint and separate reference, hereinafter referred to as the “Parties” and the “Party”, have concluded this User Contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) about the following:

Terms and Definitions

1.1. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the text of the Contract, the following terms and definitions in this document have the following meanings:

• Order – a request for participation in the proper execution by the user through the website, indicating that the user intends to conclude a deal with the Contractor (as well as with the service provider) to receive Ticket(s) on the website. The Ticket confirms the Contractor’s obligation to organize the Event and the User’s right to attend the Event at the date, time and place indicated on the Ticket.

• Contractor – an individual, legal entity, foundation, individual entrepreneur or other person in any legal form that organizes the Event, including by posting information on the Event on the Website (independently or on the basis of relevant contracts with service providers).

• Company – “Adversity” Limited Liability Company – a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, TIN: 00141342, address: 6 Aigestan 4th Street, Yerevan.

• Event – an event organized by the Contractor (conference, festival, concert, entertainment program, training, education, etc.) for an indefinite number of users.

• User: anyone who accepted the offer on the website

• Website – the amount of information, design, graphic elements, images, other results of photos and videos and other intellectual activities, computer programs, through which access to such information is provided on the Internet at The site is a web resource for publishing and receiving information about various events conducted by the Contractor.

• Bank account – the valid bank account of the Company specified in clause 9 of this Contract.

• Ticket – an entry in the Registration System on the Website, which is used as transaction confirmation for the User’s right to participate in the Event. Sale (realization) of tickets means the conclusion of Transactions. Moreover, the User can receive more than one Ticket in a single transaction.

• In the case of a ticket sale, it is provided to the User in the form of an electronic document containing the basic conditions of the transaction, with the exception of the price, which may not coincide with the price of the transaction.

1.2. The remaining terms and concepts contained in the Contract are interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

1.3. The headings of chapters, sections and  articles are intended exclusively for use in the text and have no legal effect.

Subject of the contract

2.1. The Company provides the User with access to the Website in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document, and the User undertakes to use the Website if necessary in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document.

2.2. In accordance with the Contract, the User has access to the Website, in particular, receiving information about the Events posted on the Website, as well as having the opportunity to participate in the Events, ordering, performing the actions provided by the Contractor (in particular, by registering and, if necessary making appropriate payments) and receiving a Ticket from the Company. In addition, the User has the right to use the Site in any other way established by the Company. In cases stipulated by the relevant contracts (agreements), the Company sells tickets to Users.

2.3. The Company, in general, is not the Event Organizer or the Service Provider, but may, in case of the relevant Service Agreements, take over any part of the Organization of the Event. All obligations related to the organization of Events and the provision of services arise between the User and the Contractor and / or third parties. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the reality and fulfillment of the listed obligations, except for the proper fulfillment of its obligations under the relevant contracts, exclusively to the Contractor (according to the relevant contracts – by the Client).

2.4. Under this Contract, the User agrees that the Company may at any time transfer its rights, obligations and debts established by this Contract to other persons. The User may transfer his rights, obligations, debts or part thereof established by this Contract to other persons only with the written agreement of the Company.

Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. The user is obliged to:

3.1.1. Properly fulfill his obligations under this Contract and the terms of this Contract.

3.1.2. Familiarize himself with the current version of this Contract by visiting the Website each time, before using the Website.

3.1.3. Strictly fulfill and adhere to the Terms of Use of the site.

3.1.4. On the Website, mention exclusively reliable, accurate and complete information and in no way mislead the Company and / or other Users and / or third parties. The Customer does not have the right to register on the Site on behalf of another person or to call or represent himself in the name of another person.

3.1.5. Check the order data independently before placing an order. The user is responsible for the accuracy and legality of the data provided by him for the processing of the Order.

3.1.6. Read the information about the event (content, order, place, time, conditions, etc.) before placing an order. If the User does not fully understand the Terms of the Event, including payment terms, the User agrees to clarify them. If it is not possible to clarify the conditions, the User must refuse to place an order and attend the event.

3.1.7. Read the terms and conditions related to payment independently.

3.1.8. Refuse to take part in the event after placing the order and payment only on the conditions set forth on the Site. The rules for returning tickets and amounts paid for them are posted on the Site.

3.1.9. Pay the full cost of the Ticket (Order) independently or through other persons.

3.2. The company has the right:

3.2.1. Terminate, suspend and / or block the User’s access to the Website if the Company considers that the User’s activity constitutes a threat to the Website and / or other Users and / or third parties, as well as if the User violates the terms of the Contract or other requirements of the Company.

3.2.2. Refuse to place a User Order without explanation.

3.2.3. Unilaterally change the technology and conditions of the Website.

3.2.4. At its discretion and without additional agreement of the User, change and / or delete any information that has been entered or posted on the Website by the User.

3.2.5. Suspend the work of the Website, perform preventive work on the Website, and make changes.

3.2.6. For marketing purposes, use the data of the User or other persons whose information the User has entered on the Website. The User assures and warrants that the data that he entered on the Website was provided by him and third parties at his own request and that third parties were acquainted with the terms of the Contract.

3.2.7. Send informational and advertising messages to the User and others, information about whom was entered into the Website by the User, both by e-mail address indicated on the Website, and by sending a message to the phone number indicated on the Website. The User hereby agrees to receive such messages, and also guarantees that the persons for whom he entered information on the Website also gave their agreement to receive messages.

3.2.8. Verify the data of the User, as well as other persons specified by the User in accordance with the standards of the Company and / or the Contractor. In addition, the Company has the right to require the User to provide an identity document, as well as other necessary documents and data identifying the user. In case of failure to provide the necessary documents and / or data, the Company has the right to suspend / block the User’s access to the Website, to prohibit the User from using the Website. Types and forms of identification documents and data are determined by the Company independently.

3.2.9. Communicate with the User through the connection provided by him.

Ordering and receiving tickets

4.1. To place an order, the User must perform the following steps:

• Choose an event on the Website

• Select a Ticket on the Event page

• Provide data on the payment page (data must be authentic, correct and in the required amount)

• confirm the accuracy of the entered information and place the Order by clicking the “Pay” button or confirm the Order by phone (in case of an order by phone, the rules applicable to this Contract apply to the User).

4.2. The Company approves the acceptance and execution of the Order by sending a corresponding message to the email address provided by the User when placing the order or confirming by phone.

4.3. If the User must pay for the Order to participate in the Event, the Website redirects the User to the Order Payment page. To pay for the Order, the User selects the appropriate payment method indicated on the Website and makes payment in accordance with the terms of payment. After paying for the order, the Company sends a message to the User about the receipt of payment and generates a Ticket, which is sent to the User’s email address.

4.4. The order payment time is the crediting of the paid funds to the bank account. The rights and obligations arising from the payment in case of payment by a third party in favor of the User arise between the Company and the User and in no case are grounds for arising between the Company and other persons.

4.5. The user participates in the Event (s) on the terms established by the Contractor (s).

Responsibility of the Parties

5.1. The information contained on the Website (including events, services) is entered by the Contractor and / or third parties, and the Company is not responsible for the accuracy, veracity, integrity of the information posted, as well as for any damage caused to Users or other persons as a result of such information and use of the Website. The Company is not obliged to edit, verify, control information entered by the Contractor and / or third parties. The Company does not guarantee the completeness, reliability, veracity and accuracy of the information provided by the Website Contractor and / or third parties, and the users themselves bear all the risks arising from the use of the information. The user understands and accepts that the Website may encounter inappropriate, offensive, conflicting information.

5.2. The company does not bear any responsibility for unlawful behavior on the part of Website users. The Company is also not responsible for the non-performance or incomplete use of the information posted on the Website by the Contractor, as well as for any damage (material, moral, financial, physical, etc.) caused to the User or any other party during the Event, with the exception of proper fulfillment of the obligations assigned to it by the relevant agreements only to the Contractor (under the relevant contracts to the Customer).

5.3. The company does not guarantee that:

5.3.1. The Website will meet the expectations and requirements of the User,

5.3.2. The results obtained when using the Website will be clear and reliable,

5.3.3. Any service, program, information received through the Website will meet the expectations and requirements of the User,

5.3.4. The Website will work continuously, without glitches, quickly, without errors,

5.3.5. All Website errors will be fixed.

5.4. Part of the Website or the entire Website may be unavailable from time to time, including due to technical, preventive maintenance.

5.5. The User uses the Website at his own risk and responsibility, makes orders, payments, and the Company does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the User.

Personal information

6.1. If the User enters his data (including those that are considered personal) on the Website or otherwise transfers it to the Company and / or the Contractor, the User hereby agrees that the Company and / or the Contractor collect, process, maintain, transfer, delete, blocked or otherwise processed his data, both using automated means and without them. By registering for an event on the Website, the User agrees that his personal data will be transferred and available to the Contractors.

6.2. The personal data policy of the Company complies with the requirements of legislation of RA.

Dispute Resolution

7.1. The contract and all relations arising from it are regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Disputes between the parties shall be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

7.2. All disputes, disagreements or requirements relating to the execution, termination or termination of the Agreement, the Parties will endeavor to resolve through negotiations. A party that has disagreements and / or claims should send a message to the other Party by e-mail indicating any claims and / or disagreements.

7.3. Within 15 (fifteen) working days from the receipt of the message specified in clause 7.2 of this Contract, the receiving party sends a response to the message.

7.4. If the Party sending the message does not receive a response from the other Party within 17 (seventeen) working days or the dispute is not resolved, it shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Entry into force of the contract, change of conditions

8.1. This Contract, the text of which is constantly posted on the Internet address at, contains all the essential terms of the Contract and represents the offer of «Adversity» LLC to conclude a Contract with the User in accordance with the conditions set forth in the text of the contract. Thus, in accordance with part 2 of Article 453 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the text of this Contract on the provision of services via the Internet is considered a public offer.

8.2. In accordance with Part 3 of Article 454 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the proper acceptance of this Offer will be considered the fulfillment of the following actions by any third party:

8.2.1. Entering information into the purchase receipt and confirming the accuracy of the data by pressing the “Pay” button,

8.2.2. Informing the employee of the Company about the intention to place an order by phone.

8.3. The contract is considered concluded from the moment you click the “Pay” button or from the moment the Company employee is notified of the intention to register the Order when registering by phone.

8.4. The Company may at any time unilaterally refuse to execute this Contract (unilaterally terminate this Contract out of court) by posting a notification on the Website and / or notifying the User about it. The Contract will be deemed terminated from the moment of publication of the notification on the Website or its sending to the User. The user may at any time unilaterally refuse to execute this Contract by sending an email about it to the Company email address

8.5. Under this Contract, the Parties agree that the Company may make unilateral changes to the Contract by posting the amended text of the Contract at Using the Website, the User agrees to the changes. In case of disagreement with the changes, the User ceases to use the Website.

Address and other instructions

Name: «Adversity» LLC

Address: Yerevan, RA Yerevan, Aygestan 4th St., Building 6

TIN: 00141342

Bank: «Ameriabank» CJSC

Account Number: 15700 56130860100 – AMD

Director: Vahan Vermishyan